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It has been a while since I had this site without deciding on how to start. I already have a blog for my school, but it is used for sharing technology integration ideas among teachers. I should start doing this here, I know. But here I am today, finally decided on the image and title for the blog. Big decision anyway. Something that I though could have an impact and describe how I feel. On the edge. Always trying to search for new ways of learning through technology. On the edge as there is always more coming, it is amazing. When I think I got my feet wet, then another wave comes unexpected. And the new wave brings new ideas.


Today, as I was watching a presentation called “Playing in Public” at the K-12 Online Conference, I felt really energized to show my learning in public. I felt relieved with the clarity of this idea that is not alien to me, but it seems so widespread now that makes me feel more comfortable and even justified at this need to be transparent. I can see how  important this is for teachers if they want to share their experiences and are afraid to be exposed. That is the idea. Be exposed as a learner and show how strong we are in that respect.

I have some postings that I have done in private places, so I am thinking about getting those and publish here. To get started and give you a feel for what I think. Then I am promising myself that I will be persistent and keep reflecting here. It feels really good.


Image Credits:

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